About Wayne and This Blog

I’m an Artist, Author, Coder, Druid, Educator, Entrepreneur, Learning Specialist, Polymath, Technologist and Theorist.

While that sounds like a mouthful, it all makes sense to me. A quick study with a photographic memory and the ability to synthesise and build mental models very quickly, this has allowed me to learn new things and put them to use fast. An example of this is that I have taught nine different disciplines at University level.

The core passion of my life is helping people to grow and develop. This has been the link that brings together all my activities and interests. They are all just slightly different ways of pursuing this passion. My aspiration is to be a Renaissance Man, equally at home in the arts and sciences, philosophy and engineering.

Students and colleagues over the years have told me that I have great strengths in being able to quickly analyse something, cut through the noise to the core aspects and make complex topics easy to understand.

So, what do I do with this? I construct, create and consult.

I construct the future of learning as Co-Founder, CTO and Chief Learning Officer of the TMRW Group. In the startup phase, we are developing major new initiatives and technologies to truly integrate real world learning with eLearning, making them seamless. We are also focused on a real recognition and equalisation of opportunities for the neurodiverse. I could say more, but then I’d have to kill you.

I create in multiple ways, but one is as Education Lead and CTO at Octivo Australia. Here we develop eLearning solutions, from platforms to courses, for companies, educational institutions and government organisations around the world. I lead the instructional designers and project managers who deliver amazing solutions, on time and on budget.

I consult as CEO of TechnoMagickal Pty Ltd. This is my personal company. Through this I consult with Universities, Corporations, Not-For-Profits and Governments across education and technology. I’ve developed major technologies, advised on eLearning, troubleshot courses in trouble and much more.

To fill in my spare time I write articles, make art, write books, teach, run workshops and webinars and am about to launch several podcasts. I also continue a lifelong interesting in wargaming, both professionally and for fun.